Nonch Harpin'

New Jazz • Americana • Groove

According to the unimpeachable Wikipedia, ‘Boontling is a jargon spoken only in Boonville, in Northern California’. Nonch Harpin’, in turn, is a Boontling term, which loosely translates into dirty talk. As cultured and as textured as the members of Nonch Harpin’ may be, the way they hit their desired musical mark is by means of their collective, messy id. There is no use pretending the downtime chatter they generate during their rehearsals and recording sessions is fit for decent, reputable folk to hear. It is not. But it is Nonch Harpin’. And Nonch Harpin’ is:


Chinh Tran - Tenor and Soprano Saxophones

Shawn Ellis - Upright Bass

Alan Spearot - Drums

Daniel Raynaud - Keyboards and Piano

Andy Markham - Guitars